salvage...made & found... for your home & garden


a beautiful day for a salvage sale...

thank you so very much to all the lovely ladies that shopped the salvage spring market

 the weather was perfect... the sun was shining

 thank you for your patience and understanding as you waited in line...

 as always... thank you to my wonderful 'helpers'... it couldn't happen without you

 it was a beautiful, fun day.... I thank you for your support... I hope you enjoyed yourself and found some new treasures, and I hope you'll come to the next one.

take care...



  1. completely gorgeous - looks like a rocking fun fresh funky sale - oh how I wish I were local - this stuff looks right up my alley and I'm SURE some of it would have found a new home here at our cottage! xo

  2. Hi, I found you via The Northern Cottage's Pinterest Pin and am lovin' your blog. Oh, to live in your neck of the woods; I would have shopped till I dropped! Your salvage sale photos are definite eye candy for me.


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