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salvage tag workshop

salvage tag workshop
 join us for an evening of fun and crafting....
wednesday, december 1
$ 25.00 ... includes all supplies, wine & appies
please send me an e-mail at for more details and to reserve your spot


sweet salvage saturday...

found a few things garage saling this morning...
3 galvanized the green stripe and wooden handle

3 old linen dishtowels   
2 metal store display baskets
3 ironstone bowls- large Johnson Bros, medium TG Green, small Adams & Sons and old yellowed Christmas tinsel garland   
love the crazing of this old TG Green ironstone bowl  

cute sparkly glass footed bowl, little white pitcher, 3 sets of tin measuring cups, 5 old fabric tape measures, 4 metal hooks

love the raised lettering in these old measuring cups

so how much do you think I paid for all this stuff...?
 go ahead...take a guess....

6 bucks....yes, you read it right...6 whole dollars for everything above.

not too shabby eh?

 Hope your weekend is as successful.