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salvage sign painting workshop...

time for another crafty workshop!
would you like an 'old' sign for your cabin, camper, cottage or kitchen?

a unique prop for a wedding, birthday or engagement photo?

Let's paint some wood signs...
Sunday, July 8... 5:00pm  Nanaimo BC

this workshop will be on my covered deck, so we will have more elbow room than in the salvage shoppe.
No previous painting experience required... anyone can do it!

Your sign can say anything you want... as long as it fits on a piece of my wood.
appies ... drinks ... good times included...

$30 per person...

includes everything you need to make one ready-to-hang sign
please email me at to save your spot.


  1. Anonymous16.6.12

    Looks like fun, Steph....I'll be in Ontario, darn! I always miss out.
    Maybe you'll do another one? I am not back until July16th.


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