salvage...made & found... for your home & garden


market notes...

Yay, it's finally here!

I hope you enjoyed the preview pics ...
                  did you see some treasures that you can't live without?

Saturday morning the gate opens at 10:00.

There will be fresh coffee, lemonade & goodies... our treat.

I have set up a holding area where you can leave your stash while you look around.
There are also SOLD stickies so you can claim the items that must be yours.

Cash & Cheques are happily accepted.

Parking is far from ideal (street parking) so if you can hitch a ride with a friend, that would be great.
My charming son will be happy to carry your purchases to your car.

If you need any other deets.... address etc, please email me at

Looking so forward to it.... hope to see you there!


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