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good times...

What a fun day!
Despite the crummy weather, the Salvage Autumn Vintage Market was a great success.

thank you... thank you... thank you...
to everyone that braved the rain and came out to my little sale.

thank you to my devoted 'regulars' that come to 
I love you girls!
It was awesome to see so many new faces... I hope your first salvage sale was enjoyable and that you'll come back again.
I appreciate the support more than you'll ever know...

Autumn is my favorite season and I had a great time prepping for this market.
The colors are beautiful, and I love the coziness and textures of Fall.

As always, my family was so helpful and supportive...
 thank you for helping me live my dream.

The popcorn bar, hot coffee and yummy gingerbread cookies sustained us when it got chilly & windy.

And my amazing sidekick... 
couldn't do it without your help & support... hugs T.
Busy, busy time ahead for Salvage...

Some friends were unable to attend Saturday's market, so I'm opening up the shoppe for an hour this Tuesday evening at 7:00... come on by for a visit.

Next up... the Salvage Holiday Shoppe... Saturday, November 10... details to follow.

I am also planning a 4 week workshop series every Tuesday starting in November...
there will be furniture painting, Christmas crafts and more.
... the schedule will be posted soon.

So thanks again to all the beautiful friends that came by my little shoppe yesterday... I really hope you had as much fun as I did!


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