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to market...

The 'Salvage Autumn Vintage Market' is one month away! 

I've been hunting & gathering... sewing & painting
 to bring you a great mix of vintage and handmade. 
Fall is about cozy texture ... 
we have wood & metal plus textiles like wool & knits...
the form of crates, baskets, pillows, painted signs & more. 
I also have a great selection of salvage necklaces, leather cuffs and gift items.
 Autumn is my favorite season and I've had a great time prepping for this market... hope to see you there!

ps... sorry, but there won't be any hayrides!

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  1. Love your sign! It reminds me of the one at Ella Claire. Beautiful!

    1. thank you Laurel! Ella Claire is exactly where I got the idea from- love her!

  2. Lovely sign. I'm guessing you used the template provided by Ella Claire. Just a head's up, it's always a good idea to link back to the source in your post. Just good blogging etiquette. :)

    (sorry, I would have emailed you but don't see a link. Also your Facebook link at the end of your post doesn't work).

  3. I had a blog friend tell me about your sign!! You did such a great job. Love it <3 Thanks for liking my sign enough to make it! :)

    1. Hi Kristen! You're right- I loved your sign so much, I had to make my own :) I found it on Pinterest. Thank you for providing such an awesome tutorial... I really appreciate it!


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