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the girls... an update

                                    the girls seem to enjoy living here...
                                     ** and we enjoy having them **
                                                        chicken pantaloons ... love 'em
                                   they all lay in the nesting boxes ... every time
                                 on a cold morning, they love warm quinoa for breakfast
                    Scoutie hangs around waiting for her chance to clean up the plate...
                                          hey girls ... is it my turn yet?
                                          they don't mind sharing :)

                       you can see Scoutie in the background... cleanin' up

                                Amigo...she's the snuggler
                                   ...she's always ready to jump on your back if you bend over
                       when the weather changed in the fall,
                                        the girls slowed their laying quite a bit.
                                                         A few didn't lay at all for 3 weeks.

               as soon as it starts getting dark ...
                                  the girls all head to their coop and put themselves to bed
                     I was worried about them being too cold at night...
                        so we insulated the coop and added a red heat lamp...
                the light from the heat lamp
                          must have been enough to get their laying back on track...

                                         we have 7 chickens and are getting 5-7 eggs every day. 

                         Keep up the good work girls!

On another note ... I am working on getting my Etsy shop
                                                                                           'salvage eighteen'
                                                                                                                    open soon.
When my salvage facebook page reaches 100 'likes'...
                                                          I will be giving away $50 for the Etsy shop.

Stop by and like my facebook page
                                           and we'll be one more 'like' closer to the giveaway.

Thanks for stopping by today... enjoy your weekend.


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