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a few touches of Christmas...

 maybe if you all comment on how hideous my orange brick fireplace is, my husband will let me paint it....?

I have a 3x3 canvas art here...the colors don't go with my Christmas theme, so I covered it with piano rolls

 yes, that's my still naked tree in the mirror...

 really bad lighting...the wall color is actually a grey/brown

 sewed some little sweaters for my candles...

same deal...poor lighting, gloomy BC day, lame camera....therefore more bad pictures. 
I actually had this post ready to go last week, but my computer was taken over by aliens so....
I went to Seattle to check out 2nd Saturdayz and finish my Christmas shopping instead!
Hope you had a great weekend...


  1. Your items are too cute! I love the sleigh on the table as well as the old windows above the couch. I have an old lead glass window that hangs above my couch and now it needs a little greenery.

  2. Anonymous15.12.10

    Your fireplace so needs a paint job:)

  3. Anonymous20.1.11

    Is 18 your lucky #?


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