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Clayson Farms 2010

                 Beaner & I set out to Yakima, WA for our first but not last,
                                                  visit to Clayson Farms...
it was a long trip...

        we stopped at the Thorp Fruit & Antique Mall for a fill up and empty
         , gas, bladder...definately worth the stop
        we arrived an hour and a half before opening...and were tenth in line.
                in no time, the line was winding waaay back...
       including the BarnHouse Boys and Queen of Tarte ready to shop
                  some of my favorite vendors were there, and they didn't disappoint

      the drive from Thorp to Yakima is really lovely... peaceful and the sky is an amazing blue
                                                          a few stops to stretch our legs
          i made a pretty good haul for my little car...filled to the brim again
             ...with another good story for the confused border patrol.
                    you drove all the way there for junk.....
           and now you wanna bring it back into our country????

           most of my finds will be available for sale...
             at the salvage Holiday sale in November...
                 ...except the few that have already found a home in my home :)

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  1. Looks like a fun day!! Sorry I missed you:(


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