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finds of the week

Hit a couple garage sales and a big flea market on Saturday. Didn't come home with much, other than the sweetest bowl I've ever seen.  'The Queen's Pudding Boiler # 18' is sooo me. Love the crazing, the cream with black graphics, the crown..and my fave number is 18. Perfect. And only 15 bucks! This baby won't be hitting the salvage shelves anytime soon. I also got an old metal tape measure, an ugly mirror that will be painted, a metal pudding mold, some old game pieces, 2 metal fish stringers and other misc. I picked up a chippy paint laundry pulley system from an antique store across the street from the flea-  I'll either use for display in the store, or in my own laundry room. I also bought a big rustic green painted shelf unit that hasn't been picked up yet...I'll post pics when it arrives.

...wheelbarrow flowers are bloomin'
...herb pots are bloomin'
...wagon flowers are bloomin'
... loved Emma Bridgewater for years, but not too comfortable with the pricey shipping from the UK. I've wanted a mug with this saying on it, but couldn't dish out the $48 (plus shipping), so I settled for the dish towel.


  1. Mommy27.7.10

    fabulous Steph! magazine-quality pics!

  2. Love the herb pots..welcome!


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